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Prince Harry – A Successful Celebrity Diplomat

by on May 11, 2012







Prince Harry is an important celebrity diplomat of theUnited Kingdom. He proved it during his public and cultural diplomacy mission in hisCaribbeantour in March 2012.

Not only Harry but all the royal family is an important asset for theUKpublic and cultural diplomacy. For example, Prince Harry was sent to the Caribbean at the beginning of March 2012 by the Queen to improve international relations between the UK and Caribbean countries. It plays an important role to make theUKmore attractive inCaribbeancountries (Lydall, 2012, 3). The Royal Family is the asset for promotion of theUKabroad. TheUKlost colonies but the Commonwealth create framework of collaboration between theUKand former colonies. The queen as a head of the Commonwealth plays a very important role in communication with public abroad.


Public and cultural diplomacy play very important role in promotion theUKabroad, improvement of nation branding and achieving the goals of foreign policy. Improvement of nation branding means to improve perception about theUKand increasing of attraction of the country abroad by communication a fresh image of theUK.

The aim of the British public and cultural diplomacy is to improveBritain’s image abroad and at home, to promote theUK’s values, to make it more attractive for foreign audiences and to shape public opinion in accordance with the national and business interests of theUnited Kingdom.

According to Cambon, “Diplomacy will always have ambassadors and ministers; the question is whether it will have diplomats” (Cambon cited in Khana, 2011, 30). Nowadays, both traditional diplomacy and public and cultural diplomacy are very important to achieve foreign policies goals. Celebrity diplomats are important, useful and necessary at the present time because they possess prestige which helps to achieve success in diplomacy. On the other hand, traditional diplomats play also very important role in international relations at the present time. For example, US ambassador Richard Holbrooke, known as “The Buldozer” successfully brought Serbs to the negotiation table to end conflict in former Yugoslavia in 1995 (Khana, 2011, 35). He played also an important role in theUSdiplomacy during the Afghan war. When Holbrooke died on13 December 2010, Hilary Clinton proclaimed at his Memorial that he understood that in the end the only solution of conflict inAfghanistanwas political (Cowper-Coles, 2011, 275).



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  1. After attentively reading your blog, I must admit that not only you have raised goods points but I also I agree with most of what you said. Nevertheless, there are some points that you need to clarify or change in the post to make it more coherent. First, your topic is about “Celebrity Diplomacy”, which you do talk about, but you seems to have more focussed on ‘public and cultural diplomacy’ and the role it plays in promoting the UK abroad. I think, you should do exactly the same thing but related to your question and by that, you would need to identify why Prince Henry, The Royal Family,… are important in promoting the UK abroad, what they have achieved, if they are any limitation to their roles etc, and do that by giving examples.

    Sorry for any inconvinient,
    Good Luck.

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