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A Post-modern Diplomat

by on May 11, 2012

When Adolf Hitler occupied European countries and practiced holocaust to make more lebensraum (living space) for Nazi übermenshen (overlords) he certainly did know that it helped to create one of the most powerful and the richest people in the world – George Soros.

One the physical laws says: ”The subject stays in quite position or in stationary movement until it is pressured by external forces to change its status”. Sometimes it is possible to apply technical rules in politics. Possibly, without holocaust George Soros would stays in nativeHungaryand worked all the life for salary 2000 forint/month (equivalent approx $50) But Sores had had to move because of necessity for survival. He successfully moved toLondonand studied at London School of Economics. Later used knowledge obtained inLondonagainst this country when became one of the most dangerous sharks in ocean of global capital. One Chinese military report ranked him just behind Osama bin Laden because in ‘financial war’ against theUnited Kingdomin 1992 broke this country and the Bank of England had to pay millions ofGBPfor wasteful operations.

In the United States Soros proved that theories both of Adam Smith, father of liberal economy and Friedrich Hayek, who lectured at London School of Economics approximately at the time of Soros’ study (may be he was Soros’ professor) work and the United States’ market economy is the environment when everybody has an opportunity to become rich. Soros has become the billionaire currency trader, philanthropist and one of the most important people of public and cultural diplomacy. He helped with his millions to build a new education infrastructure inHungaryand other East European countries which after falling ofBerlinwall needed new millions to throw Marxism and Leninism to dust bins and to build a market economy that helped Soros to become an important meacenas. Maecenas is a person named as an honour for real person from ancient Roma -Gaius Maecenas, a rich patron of culture and friend and political advisor of Caesar Augustus.


Nevertheless, public and cultural diplomacy need also maecenases such as Soros, Ted Turner, the CNN founder who as a generous patron has given $1 billion to start the UN Foundation and support for UNICEF, Bill Gates and other post-modern diplomats. In the other hand critics of these celebrity diplomats argue that they intervene and interfere not only to the economies of states but also into international relations and security. For example, some politicians inRussiasee Soros as an agent of Western policy, but he is much more a “stateless statesman” who funded UN operations to “saveSarajevofrom Serbian fascism” (Khana, 2011, 41-44). Globalization increase gap between rich and poor and financial support of these post-modern diplomats is very necessary to implement some foreign aid programmes and to support the people who need financial help.



Khanna,P. (2011). How to Run the World: Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance, Random House,New York

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